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The eyes are the mirror of the soul.

Here is a very simple Picasso sketch of a woman and her eyes:

So we have been talking about interventions in terms of Art and Narrative and Ecopsychology.  Yesterday we talked about drawing a feeling state in terms of a heart, a tree, and a mood.  I showed a crayon drawing of how those  might look, but, let’s look into some of the imagery popular to this population we have been looking at?

The eye is incredibly important to them?  Usually this is depicted by just one eye.  You can see that at this search by clicking the link.

We had talked about the tree, yesterday, so let’s take a look at those at this search.

We had talked about the heart yesterday, so let’s take a look at this search.

One of the first things about the art is this incredible stylistic reduction — in terms of computer generated art.  That is why in the intervention we want to try and use the crayolas, or colored pencils and a piece of paper.  For one thing, this is going to begin to mirror the “self” as an individual.  The drawings can be scanned in and uploaded here in WP into a blog that your client can make.

Let’s look at this poem, and this art.

An intervention would be to draw just one eye.  And from the eye draw a thought bubble like these images.

It’s important to stress that these can be drawn any way the person likes?

They can be done on paper with crayons or pencils, or using a drawing program that they are familiar with.

Questions for this intervention are:

What has the eye seen?

If the eye were to speak?  What would it say?

What does the eye know?

Have the person you are working with put those ideas into the thought bubble.  Or more than one thought bubble.

I did some more research on text languages and you can get an idea of more of that here.  There is intense abbreviation for things?  Language as reduced to a series of letters for the most part.  Take a look at that here.

One might also write a poem about the eye?

That goes with the illustration and the thought cloud.

How you might use this in a group process is to share these in group.

A link into THE ALCHEMY PROJECT is here, if you want to be part of THE BOOK OF HEARTS.

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