Zinnia & a poem “lament for an evil ex-boyfriend”

zin:july2I wrote this, thinking of the “fleurs du mal” and it is very different for me.  At first I had the poem in quatrains, but I liked it better with them all pushed together.

lament for an evil ex-boyfriend

by valentine (not feeling like herself) bonnaire c. July 2013

The scandalous moonlight in your kiss
had led so many girls to bliss
you were my rival, so I hissed.
I’d best you, so you’d always miss
the day we did our best to part
I stamped a riddle in your heart
I’d left you as a little tart.
You’d not forget, you were so smart
so in her cunt you tarried long
you cried your love, you used “our song”
you had forgotten, you were wrong.
I loved you when my mind was strong
and when my love had turned to hate
I fucked my way across the state
I fucked for fun, I fucked for spite
I never thought of you at night.
Some cocks were long
and some pricks short
with them I knew my best retort
erased were you, and I could laugh
my lovers and I, in our deep baths
and then it was between and twixt
a Dominatrix I’d become,
stiletto heels on every one
who dared to slip between my silks
for everyone who was your ilk.
I’d rope the next ones long and hard
as I strolled each boulevard
and to the Goddess they’d repent
for every sin your kind had meant
it was my heart you dared to tar
and now I keep them in a jar.
Poor little cocks who’ve gone too far
and were deserving of a lash
my black boots left artistic marks
and all of it was for some larks.
I rue the day you broke my heart
for after you it was always love,
short-lived for I could never trust,
once one man left me in the dust.
And so I fuck them long and hard
each marvelous cock, each marvelous bard
and then I crush them, one and all
your legacy in me, did stand so tall
that I became a prick myself
to each and every little elf
who dared to cross me, on my way
a cock ring kept the elves at bay
and each and every little dick
who pretended to have a heart that ticked
I tell them you were a stupid man
who tricked my soul, who had a plan
who taught me to no longer love
and this is why they kiss my glove.



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