Back to blogging Politics — 2008-Benghazi era.

It’s no secret that the feminist vote who wanted Hillary Clinton in 2008 were appalled when she didn’t win.  I’m not going to vote for her if she runs.  But that isn’t because I didn’t support every woman in the Democratic Party over the many years I voted.  If Jerry Brown runs, I’ll vote for him.

Benghazi is not okay.  What happened there, and what is repeating now in the Ukraine is not okay.  Really.  Not for this once democratically minded voter.  We were really let down when our votes were cast aside by the DNC proper.  We were worried that Obama didn’t have enough experience to take over after the Bush years.  It had been 9/11.

Now look.

I followed three main blogs in those years.  The Confluence, 

Uppity Woman and her friend Larry at No Quarter.

These three blogs were my main sources of news and politics that mattered and during the heady days of all that political blogging they were like bases for me.  I used to have them linked here, but since I haven’t bothered blogging politics in a while out of many reasons I unlinked them.

Uppity and Larry both share my political stance the most?  Larry was hard news.  Hard scary news,  Daily.  I was pretty scared in 2008 about some things I uncovered and now we are seeing some of that come true.  I think I recall Helen2K over there from the Puma era?  I know that Larry is very intelligent and he has always presented FEARLESSLY.  Well I feel very scared in the now.  I went back.  One thing he talked about was the scrubbing?  He was on that.  Hanging out around Uppity and he was like LESS FEAR as I watched the narcissism unfold.  Well.  Fast Forward to Benghazi.  I went back, because Upps isn’t blogging and he’s still there like he was, always.

I’ve been insulted, so I’ll just follow him and ref the blog from now on.  Two women, not Helen I might add. but someone called Deapster  and her pal.  Whatever.  Somehow I doubt they are CIA types.  Larry is still connected to Uppity’s blog and that makes me feel good.  I think he used to work for Hillary and I know he is CIA in the past.  I feel so fucking scared about what I am seeing right now — I needed to go back.  To see what he was saying.  I don’t forget people I meet in this blog world, that I have read.   He had the best films from Flineo, Uppity, SusanUnPC.  I remember that.

I’m back.  Because of Benghazi, and because of Ukraine.  Investigative journalism.  And if a broad got her nose out of joint over there? Oh well.

I won’t forget this.  Ever.  Or Larry, or Uppity, or Riverdaughter.


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