Notes on “Abandon” my new short story #amwriting #LiteraryErotica submission tale

Well, I daresay I have Twitter to thank for providing endless research over the last few days into the odd worlds of BDSM. I have looked at some of it before and seen nothing but endless horror in the visuals — that dates back to 2001 when I was doing research on why I wasn’t seeing men be able to actually WRITE the sex act.  Not kidding.  So like, all these gagged women made no sense to me at the time.

This time around, and in the black and white pix — every sex act they are doing is something I have done as a Vanilla person, so?  They just think they are special.  Umm, no.

What I did see was a tremendous level of foreplay — way more foreplay than most American lovers are capable of and what I liked best was that.  In fact I saw a picture of something that was so erotic I’m writing it into this story “Abandon.”

It was a gif that I saw and there are dozens of them.

So, what I am going to do is have the entire lighthouse rigged with the images I saw.  The dominant who wants my MC wants her to drown in desire all by herself.  First he does this with the horses, she is going to be around them for three days and nights while they go at it in front of her.  This is going to make her want to be taken like that by him.

It is in the witholding of himself, literally, that is the foreplay.

The foreplay in this story is that she is forced to be all alone in a state of intense desire for someone she has not met yet.

So I was 1000 words in, and he had left her inside his “phallic” lighthouse — the chandeliers were turned on low, and there are a series of very large lettered notes he has left for her.  Scattered all over the floor is lingerie, just mountains of lingerie, corsets, stockings.  it’s almost enough to make her dizzy knowing he picked all of these out for her, himself.

There are some Spanish shoes — black suede pumps, he has had custom made for her.

She is about to slip them on.



Oooof, it has been awhile since I have written in genre….

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