Obama target markets LGBT audience but?

Well, I’m sorry to have to link to this.  It’s going to disapoint a lot of people who had high hopes for a candidate who was sensitive to their issues.  When the truth comes out it hurts.  This was in NO QUARTER this morning.


It’s an ad from the San Francisco Chronicle you’ll be seeing first.  Apparently Barack Obama didn’t want to have his picture taken with SF’s mayor Gavin Newsom.  You need to read the ad.  Is it fair to target market this community but not even graciously pose for a photo during a fundraiser?  The hypocrisy is too much.  No, it’s sickening to a Californian.

A few posts ago I had a link to piece from  The LA Weekly on “the gay goldmine” (read funding) Obama was going to get in LA.  It’s WRONG to use a community for your own ends if you don’t mean it, isn’t it?


See, America is tired right now.  When you offer a thing called HOPE to people, but you don’t mean it?

It begs the question, what else do you plan to be hypocritical about down the road.

There has been a strange ad running on TV of late regarding the issue of gay marriage.  It shows, ironically, a heterosexual couple going through all the motions of the wedding ceremony, except in the end the bride can’t make it to the altar. The end of the ad asks, “What if you couldn’t marry the person you loved?”

That ad campaign is costing somebody a whole lot of money, and it is to get the issue out on the table.  Who is behind that ad?  And why is it running in tandem with the ads for this election.  That bears looking into, by the press.

We’ve been talking about the way that Obama has been target marketing and here is his flyer with his logo morphed once again, this time into a rainbow symbol, from The Advocate.


The piece talks about the ad buys that are being made in Texas and Ohio right now.  Don’t be fooled by a logo that morphs itself into anything right before your very eyes.  It’s a cheap, cheap, marketing trick. And target marketing to a group that has had even more of a struggle to gain acceptance than black America is pretty unethical especially when Obama didn’t even want the photo op above.

The Democratic Party doesn’t need the target marketing in this slick campaign.  We know who we are already.  We are already “one” and it’s been like that since the activism of the 60’s huh?  The Democratic Party doesn’t need target marketing on this scale.  It’s segregationism.  And in the end, just a marketer’s bag of tricks.  That’s advertising for you.  We’ll be talking about this more and more in the weeks to come.

You might want to read this piece by Shaun Jacob Halper from HuffPost… 


And then back to NO QUARTER again for this wonderful piece I read there by Dr. Carolyn called “Being Free.” 


“One does not have to search very hard to realize the 2008 American Presidential Elections are far from free. Information regarding each of the candidates has been meticulously filtered and “purified” by the news media and celebrity pundits. We are seeing and hearing only what the media wants us to. Given the mainstream media is controlled by Republican interests, making an informed decision is difficult at best. Asking people to “vote with their heart” is as misleading as the emotionally manipulative information bombarding the undecided American who just wants to make a sound decision.”  

Look past the gloss and hype.  Look past the target marketing.  Look past the branding and the logo that keeps morphing before your very eyes.  It’s not like you’re picking the right coffee place is it?  But it’s being sold to you that way.  It’s no different than any other target marketing done by fast food chains or coffee places or clothing chains.

You don’t “buy” a president do you?

And you don’t vote for a logo, either.

Stay tuned…

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