In a Dr. Strangelove era, I trust Hillary’s red phone…(the most)! (NOT! in 2015)


UPDATE 2015 — I can no longer support Hillary Clinton post Benghazi and ethics violations.  I am supporting Donald Trump and have left the Democratic Party for good.  I spent years believing in that Political Party — since college.  I can no longer recognize who they are.  Period.

Why? Because this is a boy’s toy. This is every war game taken to its fullest moment of Big Boy Glory. And do you know how fucking horrible this thing could be? I don’t think there is a woman on EARTH who wants war.

WOMEN understand war’s cost. It’s their children who go off to fight. Or their husbands.

All over the world right now women are weeping. All over the world right now somebody is trying to make a statement about power, someplace.

Somebody is trying to make a statement about something. Why we seem to be in the Crusades redux in a civilized era is beyond me. But, as usual it’s about somebody trying to force something on someone else.

What good can come from killing everyone off? Why do you make women cry all over the world?

It’s not holy. And it’s not any cultures’ core religion either.

What is out of control is GREED. All over the world. And it is that very GREED that is destroying the world.

The GREED has eaten WORLD SOUL.

Can you imagine what it looks like to a starving nation to see the wealth of developed nations images here in the internet?

Can you imagine what the death of world soul and humanitarianism looks like?

It’s a homeless person begging in the streets of LONDON or NEW YORK or INDIA.

It’s a black TRIBE dying of starvation in AFRICA.

It’s somebody trying to cross a border someplace, somewhere, in the hopes of feeding a child.

Women don’t operate from a place of making war. Women try and hold down the fort. Women try to keep the home fires burning all over the world. Women have some kind of pot to stir over a hearth. If there isn’t anything to put in that pot?

Do you think any woman on earth isn’t going to die inside when she can’t take care of her people?

Do you think any man isn’t going to be ANGRY when he looks at that empty pot?


We have finally arrived at the KOYAANISQATSI moment. This is it. Images I saw in that film back in the 80’s are now what the world looks like. Worldwide the bees are dying. Species are going extinct. Human beings have lost their hearts.

Or have they?

Can you take one small step for mankind?

Can you be brave enough to see that there is one person in this Election 2008, who, in her heart, can’t stand to see what has become of the world? You know how I know? Because we both remember the Vietnam War. We both know the slogan “WAR IS NOT HEALTHY FOR CHILDREN AND OTHER LIVING THINGS.

That’s true isn’t it? It’s been true since the first wars on earth.

What if the WORLD got to have PEACE, for a change.

What if we had THE PEACE CORPS instead of ARMIES?

What if people RESPECTED each other’s religions?

What if people LOVED instead of HATED?

What if people FED instead of STARVED?

What if people BUILT instead of BOMBED?

Go ahead, call me a liberal. A GREEN DEMOCRAT. A communist, for all I care.

Maybe I’m just a woman. Maybe I’m just a woman who doesn’t want war on our planet.

And I could go to every country on the face of this earth and find another woman just like me.

And you know what? She’d feel the same.

I have little respect for a politics of bling.

Elections of our leaders should not be about millions raised and spent on advertising.

Those millions could have been spent helping the world.

I’m counting on you, women of America. Woman to Woman. One of us stands at the threshold of a new world order right now.

Put your heart into the election of our lifetimes, and let a woman solve this mess.

Vote for Hillary Clinton, because like all women the world over, she’s got a plan.

2 thoughts on “In a Dr. Strangelove era, I trust Hillary’s red phone…(the most)! (NOT! in 2015)


    Anyone notice that immediately after Hillary’s Children at 3:00 a.m. ad, Obama DENOUNCED AND REJECTED that type of fear-mongering ad only to turn around and release the same type of ad? He said, “We’ve seen these ads before. They’re the kind that play on people’s fears to try to scare up votes.” He even added he doesn’t think it will work.

    I fail to see how he is an example of the “new style of politics”. I guess he was against these type of ads, before he was for it. (Also, after being accused of copying other people’s speeches, one would think he would stay away from copying Hillary’s ads. This is even after stealing her economic plans. Doesn’t he have an original thought in his head?)

    In my view he’s just a talking head– here’s my youtube video:

    Obama Talks Too Much. He’s All Hat, No Cattle. Just Words.

    Frankly, at 3 a.m., I want a President who will PUSH THE RIGHT BUTTON

    (reference to the times he pressed the wrong button in voting.)


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