THE NYT refused to print John McCain’s Op-ED. In an era when Zell owns the LAT, that doesn’t seem too smart. Does it?

You know, the coverage on this election — it’s looking pretty odd to the American People.

For instance, since we are in an ERA WHEN THE AMERICAN NEWSPAPER IS DYING A SLOW DEATH, and since John McCain knows one hell of a lot more about war than the competition does, I find it funny that the NYT would pull a stunt like this.  CNN has the story up right now.  And the Op-Ed. So you can read it!

Frankly, I think the NYT ought to get in gear and write a piece about Liberation Theology as it looks circa 2008.  This is an 1992 Op-Ed from their own library archives, no?  This website that has the Op-Ed raises a lot of very interesting, crucial topics.  What other stories do you plan to suppress, NYT?  You and the Los Angeles Times are considered tops, aren’t you?  Or are we really going to have to look to The Guardian for our news from now on?

Funny, I wonder if Zell knows any of those Chicago boys the DNC does?  That’d be an interesting story now wouldn’t it?


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