JERRY BROWN California NEEDS YOU! We really do…

Mr. Brown, our state is in trouble. You know it and I know it as Native Californians. It’s time you came back and ran things. I’ve been a Democrat since you were our Governor once upon a time.

I protested Vietnam as a kid, Mr. Brown. Remember those days?

This year broke the Democratic Party in half — the California Feminist vote– and you know it.

Take a look at this article from SFgate on what is happening on the interior! Take a look at that last sentence! That is how Democrats are feeling — RIGHT NOW! He has been the most useless Hollywood faux governor we have ever seen. EVER.

I don’t want to leave the Democratic Party because you are still in it — but frankly?

The Democratic Party did this to itself. I have no respect for any women in the Democratic Party right now, and after what Pelosi has done? Ugh. She is disgusting to Democrats all over the United States. Given all the corruption and the emerging cesspool we are all seeing running things right now? Americans have little hope, trust or anything else in our politicians at this point.

Take a look at what that monster Pelosi is doing in this piece! Again off SFGate! Californians cannot stand her, Mr. Brown. She won’t help you in our state. Period. No Democratic Women here helped Hillary win and they have lost ALL my respect. Capps, Feinstein, Boxer — the whole damn lot I supported for years with my vote.

I loved your twitter — like I love McCain’s. How about Woody Guthrie? Yeah. That would do on the music right about now.


“…Planning a “Recession Reception”. Any ideas on a good recession era or themed song to play at the event?…”

We are going to need one hell of a glimmer of something in our state pretty soon.

I think that might be you, Governor Moonbeam.

I bet you understand what is wrong with this pick too, don’t you? Off Grist:

Breaking: Gates Foundation ag official gets USDA post

“…The Gates Foundation’s agriculture efforts have been criticized for ties to Monsanto, the globe’s largest seed company and dominant purveyor of genetically modified seed traits…”

I think that just might be you — from one Californian to another.

Mr. Brown — you represent what our state is about. If I can’t have you, then I will go Meg Whitman. It’s a Tea Party kind of thing for me as a Democrat at this point. I’ll have to follow you in the web because my town no longer has a reliable newspaper. My guess is that you know which town that is? But I read a good piece on you from a from a wonderful journo –off Calbuzz!!!!!!!!!

Jerry Brown: “I’m going to be an apostle of common sense”

Reflecting on his first incarnation as California governor, Jerry Brown says he was overly concerned with the importance of new ideas and not focused enough on the practicalities of getting things done.

In the first extensive interview about his 2010 gubernatorial bid, Brown told calbuzz that if he wins back, at the age of 72, the office he first captured when he was 36, things will be different.

“Then I emphasized new ideas, now I would emphasize management more,” he told us. “It was very exciting then, but without losing that sense of innovation, I’d be more practical-minded, very detailed, focused on follow through and consensus building . . . I’d be looking for people who are seasoned administrators.”

In a telephone interview last week, Brown said he is motivated to seek a second turn as governor by his own “unspent potential,” a notion he credited to the anthropologist Gregory Bateson: “The key to flexibility is not spending all your potential.”

Be the comeback kid?

Be for California!

You can do it!

And, don’t you trust the Dems after what happened to Hillary. You two represent what being a Democrat is about. You two.

You trust that filmmaker? One of the best in all of Hollywood is he.


And you trust Jerry the writer, too.


(the last decent California Democrat!)

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