9 thoughts on “impermanence

  1. You don’t think I understand but I do. I am so worried at what is happening in the Gulf, while people complain about the price of flying.
    I wrote a very long article yesterday, and am trying to decide whether I want to post it.

    miss you, Bonnaire.


  2. I’m thinking about you right now, and what must be going through your mind. You all were so brave with so much foresight in Santa Barbara to protect your shores. I love you for that Bonnaire. Just want you to know, I’m here, I have thought about Heart of Clouds…and was looking yesterday for somewhere to send it.
    Not that it’s any of my business, but it is so beautiful, I can’t not think about it. Now more than ever.


  3. Bonnaire, I miss you when you are gone, and i know when you are- how you are feeling. That is why I am here for you. So? Your angels called my angels and said, “song! Bonnaire doesn’t know it but she needs to hear from you today. You know how dark she gets song!”

    and I said, “yes, because she is a genius.”

    and they said, “that is correct”

    I read today, about how what you all did in Santa Barbara was the reason we now have Earth Day.
    You come from such an enlightened tradition.

    Love to you



    1. It’s part of why Dems in CA from my era are so green? It has just been part of us out here for so long. And yes, Earth Day was probably born here. Truly.
      I am not a genius. Today was just so irritating — that’s all. Just trapped. Trapped and can’t take much more.


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