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ANIMA MUNDI means “World Soul” — the soul that is found in all living things on the planet.

These things are NATURAL to the Earth itself.

Ecology is about LIVING THINGS that have hearts.

I called my book of interventions “The Book of Hearts” for this reason.  Today I will address WOUND crossculturally.

There is only one way for the world to act right now because of the poison in the sea.  This is the moment when we as a species of humans have to work together.  The reason why we can?

We possess  HEARTS.

The Egyptians wrote one of the earliest medical books.  “The Ebers Papyrus” — you can look that up in the Wikipedia.  Ever since then, there have been people who have looked for cures to things.  But, let’s focus on a genogram that goes from 1910 through the year 2010.

Because in 1910?  The world was a different place.

Make a timeline!

You can use this in any country across the world.


Make a mark for your birthday.

On that line.

In the center of the line make a mark for 1950.


Where will you put your mark?

Draw a heart around it.  One tiny heart around the mark that is you.

In each country around the world there have been wars.

Make a mark for the war that you have known.

There may be more than one, and you or your family may have fought in one.

What is happening in the ocean transcends any war that has ever been waged on earth since the beginning of time.  And so?  I want you to think about WOUND as carried by the anima mundi.

In the human soul.

We have three generations within this genogram to look at.  Grandparents, parents, children.

Memories of peacetime or wartime are held in the collective unconscious of the planetary SOUL.

We have a chance to stop, in the year 2010.

But it will require great forgiveness.  Because all the peoples on earth will have to forgive each other.

It’s as simple as stopping all over the world.

Because of the ocean.

It’s as simple as realizing that all cultures all over the world are the same because we are human beings.

When I grew up, my mother had this book:

I used to look at it all the time as a child.

I always dreamed of meeting the entire Family of Man.  All of my life.

My mother used to say to me, “Do you know how lucky you are?”

I do feel lucky.

Because I know a very large secret about human beings.

The heart of a human being will never die.

The heart of a culture will never die.

It is simply a matter of having the hearts all over the world begin to engage by having a dialogue between hearts.

There are enough hearts in my generation, who were called “The PEACE GENERATION” that know this as well.  Because in the years that we grew up we knew about this book.

Once you begin to see that the wounds of rage are carried forward from generation to generation and that there will be no stopping this until every heart can release its pain to another heart you will understand.  We cannot continue as we are, because we are The Family of Man.

I read this today, and I would like to pass it on to you.

2 thoughts on “Ecopsychology — Depth psychology — Genogram — 1910 — 2010 — WORLD PEACE ECOLOGY MODEL — INTERVENTION — Book of Hearts — tx planner

  1. Yes, it was grandly to the point, as is yours. Dandelion often has really good stuff, and I am always amazed at the abundance of it.

    To push your timeline by one year, yesterday, I got one of my email newsletters from Lehman’s, and it included this:

    If, in 1909, men were only averaging a 47-year life span, they surely saw fewer wars and catastrophes. There is a whole range of exploration to be had, I think, in comparing whether fewer wars and a shorter lifespan impact a human, and the environment more radically than a longer one.

    For myself, right now, today’s world seems a heavy burden. I worry that there are too many hearts in pain, and not enough who have them.


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