10 thoughts on “cartoons

  1. the list is too long, and it is difficult to see where we are going. Thanks for the cartoons. Really, talented. Mr. Fish.

    Oh! when i read about it last night I knew you would love to see that great big ship. It lifted my spirits too. Thanks to them.


  2. Yes, good! Hopefully it can be cleared of all the red tape, and that it works. As the article said, they tested it in Portugal, but it still has to be cleared by different agencies. It possibly could take in more oil in one day than in all 67 combined, if I read the article right.


  3. For those who really want to analyze the leadership of Obama. I found this. As a general rule there are already contingency plans in our government for problems like this. Here is where Obama went wrong: I’ve thought a lot about this Bonnaire, and the breakdown of government assistance had to have come from the inexperience in the Executive and/or other branches as well.


    Anyway. I think article is clarifying of the problems that followed, and still exist.


  4. “During his 2008 campaign, CRP reported that the oil and gas industry overall gave him $884,000, more than any to other lawmaker except John McCain, and no wonder. His Senate voting record showed what they bought:”

    the right of mining companies to strip mine everywhere, including on government lands;
    vast new powers and handouts to the nuclear industry;
    harmful biofuels production;
    lax regulation; and
    other pro-business, anti-populist measures – besides supporting the 2005 Energy Policy Act.

    looks like we had two big oil candidates to choose from.


    Now here’s a twist on the Matt Simmons story: His company shorted BP after he made those interviews so he stood to make a lot of money there. I don’t think yet, there has been any research ship that has found this huge leak he is talking about. I pray they never do find such a thing.

    Read it: http://www.zerohedge.com/article/oil-spill-conflict-interest-matt-simmons-shorting-least-8000-bp-shares


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