Who was the Hillary Clinton Democrat and Feminist voter?

Well, when we were in High School and even earlier, these are the sorts of things that were going on in America.  In California everything was swept up into a generation called the “counterculture.”  A lot of this had to do with not liking Nixon, and not liking the Vietnam war.  There were women ahead of us, part of Hillary Clinton’s generation who were calling themselves Feminists.  What the feminists wanted were equal rights for women.  Just about every women in the 70’s was a feminist, in one way or another.  These videos show what was going on as a cultural surround at that time.  It’s history, for the Democratic Party.  I’m going to put some film clips, too.  But watching these will take you back so you can learn.

There was a huge movement in California for Ecology.  I can remember being about fourteen and going to the rallies for that.  I had a bike ecology back pack — just a simple canvas bag with two shoulder straps.  We were little kids watching the adults, at that time?

Jerry Brown was part of all that.

The film “Coming Home” and Jane Fonda’s role can give you an idea of the changed role for women in that era of the late 70’s post Vietnam.

Here is protest era in Hillary Clinton’s youth. what women were doing in America…

My generation of Democrats can be seen in this music video, below.  We were in our 20’s.  Madonna is my gen.  We were in college and we were having our first or second or third or fourth  relationships with men.  It’s interesting to see what the women were singing about in that era looking back now…

We were all working.  We were supporting ourselves, and our girlfriends were finally considering getting married by the late 80s.

Dependence on men to want our children or have traditional marriages was gone in my generation of women.

Many women I knew were abandoned by males when I was in my 20’s, especially if they happened to get pregnant.

Women in my generation have had to take advantage of, or would take advantage of Roe v Wade.

I think, collectively my generation saw Hillary as emblematic of female strength — at least those of us who voted for her.  She was like a big sister for women like me.  Just like the women who had been on my Jr. High campus talking about Feminism in the 70’s.

This is us, at work…

We were very, very insulted by what we have seen the Democratic Party do to Hillary.

We cannot relate to Palin at all.

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