Seaheart 28. palomas & amusements…

While not exactly writing, but dreaming of Olvera Street and my deep childhood.  For one thing, the paper doves and all the color.  I love Mexico for that reason.  The color.  Strong memories of being at The Balinese shop with my mother and seeing all the imported things.  Little toys.  The first ornaments I ever bought for my first Christmas tree were some clay doves from Mexico.  Doves and roses are two things I like to have around me.  And the ocean.  There are these whole places in LA that are full of history and magic.  I’d love to do a whole tree of bare branches with those little doves as a centerpiece.

Images I like, along those lines are below.

Things I love include:

Party favors



Bright colors

Cream colored & White linens and towels


Fireplaces that burn logs



Things that come wrapped like this!

Kites, paper lanterns and paper stars.

Icicle Christmas lights

Straw hats of all sorts in all seasons you can tell! xxoo!

one type of hat o' mine -- usually they are larger and 40's looking.

Bistro food

fab little soaps like these:

Usually I am very drawn to the packaging of various things — having been a designer.  Ah well…

Chopin is for Autumn moving into Pachelbel and Vivaldi later.

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