The most eloquent speaker, on writing…

I don’t think I have ever heard a writer who could speak so closely to my soul as he did last night at the Conference.  Everything he said was how I feel about writing as well.  He designed the covers and flaps, he said.  I got two books, these — and I cannot wait to slip inside and watch him craft language.

Simon Van Booy.  A voice not to be missed…

He signed this:

“With eternal access to treasure we can’t see, but so need…”

Exquisite lecture at the SB Writer’s Conference last night.

How he sounds, what he says — more…

2 thoughts on “The most eloquent speaker, on writing…

    1. He gave the most beautiful lecture, whew. What a writer. Of the soul. At the conference I go to he talked about inhabiting his characters, moving around in them — in cities. I loved that.


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