Divorcing — recalling your lost self (glamorous)

Well that is what got lost because it got swallowed when he didn’t want to go out.  I came into the marriage as very glam, and he stopped the glam.  Well?

I still am, and too bad.

Will be self again soon.

I used to wear makeup and always went out — he never wanted to go anywhere or do anything with others.  Also, the more I am away from here the better I feel.  Moving will make me feel really good.  FAB.  Have referrals now.

Going to a party on Sunday.

It’s the first time in years.

Looked at a hat that I love…

am making photos…

5 thoughts on “Divorcing — recalling your lost self (glamorous)

    1. I can’t buy it. But, I am going to find out about the money. Oh you know? It’s like the blinders are off after 27 years. How much I have been controlled. How hard our gen worked. Omg. Hey thanks for being here! ps: the thongs have it, me to.


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