sparkly, with flowers…

I washed about 25 windows inside and out yesterday.  With this fab stuff!  Trust me, you want this product and the squeegee and the whole deal.

You cannot believe what a diff it makes to squeegee windows.  Very easy — like two seconds and the glow of the light! whew.

I was able to eat breakfast yesterday.  I made it.  After, I did the windows, then as a reward i went to TJ’s and got this for myself — a stunner of a bouquet.  The vase is the gift my mother gave me for graduating from Pacifica in 1998.  Day 6 anti-d.

I am going to go back to the old list I hope, and write with my friends.

I am going to publish Gardenias.

I am going to get out of this hellish slump.  I have to.

White paint.  Windows.  Two things that can change very much about a place.  Fast.


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