Nanowrimo/6 “Dreamstime” shifting POV to second –8866 total yesterday #amwriting

Yesterday, I think I have the opener now, so all the above was just a preparation exercise, omg.  Direction!  I know which story I want to tell, now.  As for “Bustier” I’m going to rework that for ERWA in 5,ooo in slomo, 178 words a day was the challenge, I think.  This is much harder than it looks, it really is —  muse song for last night, today — needs 1667, can do with POV shift.  Has new opener, has ending, I think…coming into focus…

opener might be this:

“I could tell you about the photographer the day in that windy alley when he tossed his dragon t-shirt at me through the sunroof of his little burgundy BMW.  He couldn’t believe that I asked for it.

I kept it for years.  Everything about him was difficult to throw away.  But this jacket is different.  This jacket belonged to the man I loved the very most.  I ‘ll keep it forever.”

When I started I dropped off a line in ERWA writers and got some great feedback on this from a woman:

I want to tell you what it is like to be held in the arms of a man who really loves you and to lose him in a crash.

I want to tell you what it is like to put on his old flannel jacket after he is gone even eleven years later and when you put it on it feels like the warmth that was in his smile.  It’s as if his arms are still around you.  Even though he is with the angels now like all of the rest of them are.

This is a piece I liked, there is so much in this about death, but, I’ve just been through such a phase of that, myself, this is coming from the deep unc in me, maybe as a means of healing, anyway this picks up where Man in the Moon left off,

They say that right before people die their whole life flashes before their eyes, like a movie.  But passages in life are like that, sometimes.  You look back and there are lessons that you learned, ways that you coped, means of survival.  For one thing you kept breathing.

and I think I have the end, because I really like this part that you can see in Nano at this link.  I think that is a good end, but we’ll see!  (And so it goes) — really tough to use first as a POV, however it does work as a dredge… for shaping directions.

It’s nine, got sleep, going to get the 1667 first thing I hope and go out a bit today, the rain has swept the city, It’s beautiful out and want to see if the cheap little camera I got works, Boy needs a beach run today.  I need air!

Back later,


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