Putting Gardenias together — here is the cover image — #literaryerotica #writer

So, I am very happy to be putting a little collection of my stories together — they are all from my time at Cleansheets and ERWA.  I just liked the way these stories fit and it’s a first collection.

I’ve found this incredible site for Books called Pressbooks — really great, am working on that now.  Gardenias is a pretty sweet collection.

A very sexy collection as well.

I really didn’t like that one of my stories Haiku was lifted in the web by somebody without my permission.  They put it in an anthology and are selling it on Kindle.  It’s my work and ummm — they should not be doing that so I intend to ask about it on the writer’s list at ERWA.

The cover is a picture of my mother in Paris in the early 70’s — several of the stories in the collection allude to her, especially the opener — called Gardenias.

Later there is a piece called Lace, a sort of coming of age tale about playing dress-up and liking lingerie.

I also have dedicated the book to her, because she is gone now.

Anyway, I like my cover and I can get help from friends I used to work with getting the printing specs right.

I know the book will be liked.  I’m sure of it.  back later with more details.  I have to figure out what Pressbooks means by the various outputs they offer?  And how those work with things like Kindle?  Or other devices.

Anyway, wish me luck!  Going the ebook route.



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