Heterotica ~ coining a new term in Wordnik #heterosexual

Last night I found Wordnik, a new site in the web dealing with words and semantics — which interests me very much because I am a writer.  I think we are losing language and metaphor, and that is sad.  So I wanted to make sense of what they thought of the term Erotica to begin with.  I looked around, and entered the “text” as it were.  I saw.  One of the things I try and do when writing is use a lot of metaphor.  I don’t want to see metaphor be lost?  In the interest of that I have set up a new blog called Heterotica.

Erotica writing is like a box of fabulous candy.  Each story has a theme and a center.   When I am crafting stories I think about that.  What I write follows the genre of literary writers I read?  I write heterosexual sex, so the sex scenes you see in mine are going to be that.  The first erotic passages I read were in D. H. Lawrence and James Joyce.  Later I read Anais Nin and Pauline Reage.  Later than that?  Henry Miller!  Everyone I know writing in this genre has a different take on what makes up their oeuvre.  When you bite into a piece of candy each one has a different taste and not all erotica  is liked by all audiences — that’s a fact!  I don’t call erotica smut or pornography?  I call erotica the way a writer is trying to express the sex act or something related to that.  The characters in my stories are human, with the exception of my characters “The Velvet Babe” or “Mr. Swankypants.”  They are cartoons!  Although there are many subgenres like BDSM or Fetish, I don’t really write that?  I’m more interested in the character relationships in my pieces.  How humans act and interact.


Valentine Bonnaire


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