Amazing Valentine’s Gift ~ Erotic Book (Lovers)

I got the most amazing review ever for my book Gardenias in Goodreads.  The reviewer made a series of images and animated gifs as the review.  Here is the link to that…

I wish I had a way of saying how I felt when I looked at that review.  You just have to go see.  The book is about LOVE, but it is also EROTIC and it is heterosexual — every story in it.  You are just going to have to click the link and see what she saw, and then, get the book.  The first edition of it is in Amazon, but I made a new edition with this rose on the cover.  Amazon pulled it, because I published it using Draft2Digital, which was very easy for me.  Amazon doesn’t like it, I guess if you don’t use their program to publish.  The edition with the purple rose is available for Kobo, in iBooks for Apple and at Barnes and Noble for Nook, only.

The reviewer told me she had some formatting problems looking at the book on her reader — the first version — but not the Rose copy… Draft2Digital made it very easy for me.  I love the company, and the ease with which they make publishing possible, so the heck with Amazon for now.  I wish they hadn’t have pulled my book.  I can’t see why they did, frankly.  The old version with the dark purple cover is still in there.

GARDENIAS:draft2:rose:cvr:thumb Here is a link to the new edition:

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