The Giver nails it…

Spent the day looking at this whole thing and it is fantastic.  Also it nails the problem. SAMENESS.  That is what we are seeing in the EMO HEART images.  SAMENESS.

Okay so here we can go back to the genogram re: Elliot.

His life was PERFECT, right?  No.

What I love about the film in the initial design are the grey faces.  That is the world the emo kids are in.  They can’t see all the colors.

This part:

Five years old?

Problematic.  Okay so the genogram =

1993 (book first published)——————–1998 (noticing target-marketed ads for the pills for kids)————————2014


My thoughts on ADHD?

How did these kids have to adapt to the uniformity the computer created.  We now see masses of kids “flocking” and we have like 1 in 88 with Autism.  This is just unheard of.

There is another thing.  This is all being pissed out into the ecosystem — the watershed.  It’s in the fish that we eat.

Massive problems here:

Men need to listen to the above.

What can we do as Californians?


from Adrienne

I wrote a solution into my novel Heart of Clouds, proud of that.  Go see it.


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