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Dear Matt Mullenweg, I don’t think that you will ever imagine, well.  I just don’t think that you can possibly in your wildest dreams imagine what you have built.

The faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute is going to.  And, so will all the other faculty around the world.


Matt.  Umm. Mount Rushmore is in order for your chiseled face.  I am writing this to you, and after you read it, I wouldlike a private W<3P blog for the two of us to discuss any old thing that comes up when necessary.

Because we are now in the area of the sacred numinosum at this juncture, and so we need that.  No one else must have access to that blog, as the work has now approached this in Jungian thought.  I’ll explain later.  Or Lionel can.

Anyway here is a picture of that.

well wait, a song.

no a whole album, from when I was 13.



New.  The 13 and 14 year olds are speaking to each other across time.  Had this happened?  We might have. Because my best friend did.  I? Was so shy I was like Teenie Alexander.  We were born in very different eras.  In some ways it is Kerouac’s the road.  So I want to tell you a story, of a man.  It was Valdez.

In the art you have a love letter to prove that all this is true.  And if you read my thesis at Pacifica, you will see his name.

I want to give you a free link to what happened to me?  In my second year at school.  Because I was like in this sexless marriage.  Okay so, you can either get my little book “Gardenias” in Amazon.  Or read the story I want you to know at this link.  It’s called “Man In the Moon” and it was the first time I had been published since Junior High.  Srsly.

I used to write poems, then.  That were published in our little school newspaper.  The Star Spangled Underground Free Press.

Here is that link.

“Man in the Moon”

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