Isadora Duncan

My grandfather had a sister who built a house up in Carmel that looked like a Greek Temple and one day I will try and find it.  They were much like the whole concept of Gatsby when they moved from Chicago in the Twenties out West.

So anyway the whole family was estranged from each other over inheritances and they never spoke.  But I did have hints of the mythos from my mother when she was alive.  I have many, many old black and white photos of all of them.

In Junior High, I began the many long years of trying to be theatrical which I suppose never left.  I took Modern dance, Costume design and all the arts in those years.  I had this thing for the 20’s – in vintage clothing and so forth and I collected all that up until my very late teens.  I used to wear it too.

So anyway, I made a gif! Of the expressiveness of Dance hands which always articulate a feeling.  When I am writing the music gets into me and I dance the characters?

It really helps.

Anyway this was fun.

This dates from earliest film, too.


So even if feeling like Plato’s grungy cave one can dance the hands.

That’s mine!


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