that night they weren’t just stars #poem


it was early in the morning

their eyes blinked ravenous

out of water, the raccoons on the roof, growling

everything doesn’t twinkle quite like what you planned

a setup scrambling Aphrodite

not going to work, I said

she of the cupped grails, twinned

breaks your hold &

dances higher

he tells her the land is full of skunks

and wandering, and possibly rabid

one arrived on the doorstep, trembling

eyes pleading, deathdance moving

you who have no holiness next door

what else do you spread rat poison for?

it’s your plastic candles I don’t like

everywhere you try and flicker

one more sight

of that which towers, mechanical dream

and you aren’t human

not what you seem

an animal’s eye retreats to sky

fixed constellations, bye and bye

you took the sky and made it dead

all of this shall be on your head

when she who makes a mighty cry

subdues you in the bye and bye

and all your clouds that heaven rent

her cup the final sacrament

yet to the grail you’ve wandered far

when in her hand she held a jar

’twas from a fountain that you drank

and waters clean revealed the way

we hastened toward the light, this way

away from evil, twinkles borne

our new lamp lit the severed morn

and twinkling stars began to kiss

poor sodden fellows led amiss

until the sky was clear and brave

and starlight twinkled  ‘gainst the knave

the grave who bore no love to earth itself

until we’d reached the land of elf

where berries stunned the lips on high

and angels marked the place they’d die

all evil purged, the stars in place

your eyes, the constellations,






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