16 thoughts on “a nice poem, during rain…

  1. “As I stare on and on into the past, in the end you emerge
    Clad in the light of a pole-star piercing the darkness of time:
    You become an image of what is remembered forever. “


  2. Hi, yes, we are had storms here today and are having more rain/wind tonight. Big deal here actually. Rain.
    stayed in today and you?

    btw lovely poem and Parrish. felt good to see your post come up on my google reader..

    maybe you will hear tomorrow, but who knows? how do you feel about it?

    Are you drinking something warm?


    1. It’s terrible because all the boats wash up that aren’t moored properly. I saw them. Also there was a tornado — or something? I went to go swim but they closed the pool due to lightning. It’s been ages. Song, I think something good has happened. I’ll let you know manana.
      At last.


  3. Oh I can’t wait!!

    I need to hear good new for you.

    You picked quite a day to swim didn’t you?


    stay away from lightning.



    1. There was a huge bolt of lightning right over the pool! Oh my. They closed it! We really need the water, here, but this is a tremendous storm in some ways.
      hugs to you!

      (a tiny dusting of snow on the mountains, too!)


  4. were you out driving yesterday in the storm Bonnaire? be careful ok?

    I worried about you when I heard about the big storms over there. Here? not as bad, flash flood warnings. no lightning in phx.

    water everywhere, and it is so renewing actually. i loved seeing the ocean again…

    think about it everyday, almost


  5. yes, yes, i forget you are a native of California….

    you have a universal way about yourself doncha know.

    well, have been busy finishing up the story, and? I think I will put chapter 1 on my blog pretty soon..just so you can read it….maybe a couple of chapters here and there.

    the more I write?

    the more I admire you. I really admire you alot. well, more than alot.


  6. well, you know me, this is a two way deal. McCain-Feingold made it possible for George Soros to take over your party because when they changed the rules the “real” Democrat party went broke, and allowed Soros to buy his wing of your party, which effectively took out the “REAL DEMOCRATS”

    And that is what this ruling is about to a degree, still a corporation or a union (both of whom are affected) shouldn’t be viewed as a “person” Americans will just have to be more vigilant, study their candidates. Really? lobbyists, corporations and/or unions should not be able to “buy” elections. It would be better if taxpayer money financed campaigns, in an equal amount.

    ultimately? an informed public ultimately can’t be influenced. this is where the blogs come in, and the free internet, which must be kept so. As long as we have that? We are supporting the Republic, as an informed citizenry.

    I haven’t read the ruling yet, but I believe it may have to do with the soft coup, that came with Obama’s group, which you Democrats see as Bush-lite.

    I don’t see him as Bush-lite except in a few places. Soros, financed other revolutions in the same way. So?

    Walmart or Soros?
    Tyson or Soros?
    Clinton or Obama?

    We shall see, Bonnaire.

    we shall see.


  7. a few hours later:

    thinking about you, and so glad you are my friend. I feel that it is such a gift from life, to know you.

    well, I know this comes out of the clear blue, but it just entered my mind while I was making my way through the
    traffic while the foreboding clouds filled the sky.

    there was the sense of lightness in my being, and yet, a great depth of feeling, that I sent your way.

    You don’t have to answer. In fact I would be shocked if you did. lol.

    But i know you, I think I know why everyone tunes into your strength. You have so much power in your mind..
    and I guess they would be mesmerized by it. You put out the vibe that you don’t need or want anything…

    I hope you are changing this as you reconnect with your true friends.

    I know as well that you miss me from time to time. Though you wouldn’t admit it.

    I guess you need to have a friend who asks for little…

    and well?

    c’est moi.


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