Chiron into Pisces 4th





















Chiron is moving into Pisces, tomorrow.  It’s the sign of the healer, and for me, this is the 4th house of home and family.  I’m not sure what it will mean, but, I think the sea and the arts are going to be a large part of that. or just quiet.

It had been in Uranus since 2005 — which is like an electric very dry energy — “wired’ in a sense — electrical and internet and wiring.  Pisces is about water, slow and flowy.

I have really felt the need in the last several years to be able to look at the sea, and just be by it, so maybe that is going to come up.  Pisces has to do with empathy — in this case for “the home” and things associated with it.  It is an inward transit for me.

I was so busy with working earlier on in my life that my home kind of suffered or came last.  I feel that this transit is to remedy that — for the first time.  I see it as being a feminine and art-filled transit.  For one thing, the books I have been writing have to do with the ocean.

Neptune rules Pisces, and Neptune is a visionary and a dreamer.  Deep and watery dreams.

I was looking at a boat, and I loved it.  I had one before, but this one would function as a home away from home on the water.  I just feel like I need a private space for myself — like a shell of sorts.  I have for some time.

When you sleep on the water you are at peace at these really deep levels, because the sea rocks you to sleep.

I’m interested in painting the clouds.


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