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Hi again.  This is something to start thinking about in terms of that genogram we are working out.  I want to talk a little about how the Family Systems people worked with that one way mirror — so you understand, because Matt and the other WP people have that, so does Firefox and probably Apple and they are all friends anyway!

What I want to do along the genogram is this — today we are going to use it for assessment of all that language and cognition I’m talking about.  The top tier tech peeps would be Matt and all his WordPress Staff and the whole Mozilla gang too.  They probably all know each other so just pass this around like a group thing.

I don’t know if any of you ever saw the film 2001?  But, maybe check that out because of a little vid I saw that I will show you in a minute.  What I’m going to do is put myself on that genogram and tell you my experience with technolgy — the how and why of that.  And what I saw.  Your gen is different than mine because you all grew up with it, but as a therapist and because of my research “where” you are on this genogram really counts! (Also I read a little of Matt’s blog last night — love the Roy xxoo! as a child my mom had all his stuff around — the posters!)  Okay here we go.

This is about communication!


I know that Matt can read me and understand the words I am using because I read him and we use the same language.  Except, when he uses all the words that are “tech” only about things you did like this.

So here is the deal on this genogram timeline? — put your heads together and figure out this timeline as it reelates to your gen!  It’s the gen who is half your age that I’m really worried about.

Make a mark on the genogram for the day you were born along the timeline.  If your parents were like Steve Jobs is?  You can ask them about what they remember of this era, okay — maybe they were tech or not?

The first computer I remember using was in 1979 at a city college — had a part time job in admissions entering data.

You do that, now  — make a mark for when you first remember using one.

Have pizza and watch this with your friends, together!

Talk all night! xxoo! About what you see going on in these movies.  Then scroll down in my blog until you see the other day and those kids that are wired and how they aren’t “connected” to each other at all — they are sitting next to each other with phones and headsets on — watch their hands clicking.  We are going to assess for how that happened in the generation just under yours?

So, in college I had a typewriter!  1984 at a newspaper the computers were antique for years.  Late 80’s — the systems dept. began to be the “spine” of most companies in all departments.  Those guys were nothing like you guys, no kidding.  Heart was not their strong suit.  At all.  But there were always a few cool people working in the systems department.

1995.  I am using computers on the job with ease and I buy my first home computer.  The “cubicle” is how people work — offices are redesigned so they look like squares?  Yep.  I hated it.  Yuck.

1995 is also the year I bought the Apple Performa, for grad school — at home!  I walk into a store that no longer exists in this country — Circuit City to buy it.  I am transfixed by the things I see!  The video games I see.  Pac Man was all I had ever seen before that?  I’m standing in front of a bank of computers with tremendously violent imagery going on?

Back to the genogram:


Firefox and WordPress people — how old are you in 1995?  I’m thinking you are born in 1984 like Matt?  Haha!  I’m Jan 14!

Trust in the Capricorn, Matt!  To figure out and solve problems, OMG.

We can open up a dialogue on this here?  My friend Song worked in your industry and she is close to my age! xxoo!

I want to correlate the diagnosis of ADHD with the rise of computer usage in your gen? Srsly. Also, I want you to check out this book by a scholar I know.

He was lecturing at Pacifica when I was there.

This was being target-marketed as I was leaving school?  I saw the ads everywhere and you might have been the teens?  In 1995.

So, all we are doing is making this anonymous history kind of thing, okay?

This concept goes back to ancient times, but Newton is who were are going to be thinking about.

What we are going to figure out is Jung’s concept of the “massa confusa” as relates to this book.

This is what happened to Pac Man.

What we are going to analyse is this language?  When it came into being and what it means!


back laterz.

I just saw this?  A way to create a visual!

This tool might come in very, very handy for this project.  I just watched one, and the images that I saw have to do with what kids might have seen in the web as imagery but did not know what they were looking at because they were too young.  I want you to think of this as something we call a “reframe” — here is a thought I just had on those fab “aquarium” heads I saw in the music video some ways back.

Questions to think about — if the brain had seen “the collective unc” as a child in here — but had not known how to group the objects in the formal way of child dev. (Piaget) — ?

Then in the aquarium head is the entire collective unc as visuals but not logos of interconnection.  I hope that made sense, but I’m thinking about it! xxoo!

Lets look at this. And compare contrast with Kubrick’s movie that we are looking at above! xxoo!

*note Sundance film about Ben with Redford narration.  Find source.

7 thoughts on “Ecopsychology — genogram — timeline — technology — inquiry/assessment — WordPress *notes tx planner

  1. The last video depicts somewhat the accellerated regression of language inverse echolalia except digitally presented. Digital echolalia.


  2. Echolalia is the infant mimicing the language-signs of adults. Inverse echolalia is the adult mimicing the language of Les enfants. I view that video as an emerging semiotics in the context of the world without the feminine-as Kristeva might say. This culture was built because of the absence of the feminine. So to me this emerging semiotics is quite a revealing phenomenon on many kevels. Here is the school of semiotics I tend to agree with.

    Semiodis: from wiki

    One school of thought argues that language is the semiotic prototype and its study illuminates principles that can be applied to other sign systems. The opposing school argues that there is a metasign system and that language is simply one of many codes for communicating meaning, citing the way in which human infants learn about their environment before they have acquired language. Whichever may be right, a preliminary definition of semiosis is any action or influence for communicating meaning by establishing relationships between signs which are to be interpreted by an audience.


    1. Your thought and word choices are like a whole field I know nothing about? I’m serious. Brainy to the max and I would have to look up these therms in the wiki, Song. I understand, but do not know theory! xxoo!


  3. Finally the usage of mathematical operators such as = etc. Could be compared to the echolalia of the autistic. So. ADHD on the other hand is not as far as I know expressing echolalia in symptomology. You seem to be pointing to autism here.


    1. I have a pretty big theory I am working out using the genogram. I’m serious. And those children with autism has to do with it? 3 generations
      Grandfather ————–father—————————–child


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