Ecopsychology — Depth Psychology — research notes — how to work with images!

One of the things that has concerned me very much about the EMO HEART is how dark that looks.  But?  I have seen something recently on their crayolas in the web.  They were all black!

I saw that, and then this morning I saw this!

I’m going to sshow you a picture I made the other day, of myself in a mood.  Now, if I didn’t tell you what that mood was when you saw it, you could form your own ideas, but I’m going to tell you.  Most artists do self-portraits of themselves from time to time.  But?  I can’t help wondering why the emos can’t see more colors than the above?

Here’s that picture.  I was feeling really sad, about my mom.  I took a picture of myself and I didn’t like it, so I altered it!

Here it is…


Now, I changed that color around so it made my eye look really black, on purpose.  This is what we call an “abstraction” in art.

If I hadn’t told you that I was sad?  How could you know?

In therapy, why we use art and narrative is to tell things.  So, remember that thought bubble from the other day?

How we would use the thought bubble is to put that with the picture.

Inside the thought bubble, go the words or the marks or the symbols for what the picture is thinking.

If I were going to put some words for that self-portrait I did, they would be this:


Now, that was a mood I was in, the other day.  So, I channeled my mood into a piece of art.  If I wanted to, I could write out my feelings on that too.  I know that the EMOS are artists, already.  I have seen a lot of their work.  I saw this picture the other day:

And this one:

The thing to do with these drawings is to put a thought bubble with them on the page.

If you want to, you can go over to this link inside WordPress and make a blog, like the one I have.  Here is the link to how!

It is amazing to me to see the EMO DRAWINGS you are doing!

The way I colored my picture above was in “Preview” — but you could use Photoshop or pretty much any drawing program you have if you are making computer art?

I just upped the contrast and fiddled with the colors til I liked the effect I got.

I am so worried about the EMO KIDS who are using cutting on themselves.  I am.  I think it might have something to do with not being able to see the colors like with the crayolas above?

Or maybe not having any words to express things?

No problems.  I have every dictionary available to me in here, and especially the Urban Dictionary so no matter what words you used, I can look them up and see what you said.  Please don’t hurt yourselves by cutting, okay?



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