On location, for Heart of Clouds — my novel, and the film images…

Song, I want you to see? xxoo! sends hug from the coast and thank you, on my poem…

I shot these down on Padaro… a nice stretch of open beach here.

what the driftwood huts are like, here...
a stacked piece of driftwood, reminds me of a hand reaching from this angle
the far horizon, clouds after rain
horizon with footprints, granite
horizon, cloudscapes

9 thoughts on “On location, for Heart of Clouds — my novel, and the film images…

  1. Can’t see the film on my phone.

    You saw the salt. Because you could You saw me in an instant.

    Because of who you are.

    Love to you.


    1. Thank you. I sure wish you were in FB Song. You would see my friends and they would love you so much, omg. My teachers. Your poem. You know you can be Song, you kniow? Like I first entered as Valentine Bonnaire? You can just be yourself as hummingbird? and, you can post all those exquisite things you found and always put? There is someone who befriended me that I would love to introduce you to? Mona. Her images? Whew. Wait until you see them, Song. The art. She is Swedish? She posted that “nebula” picture I wrote the poem to. Taking your advice, trying to eat, get out and this month no news at all. No politics. Only the trancendence of my novel, and a few tiny poems. Gnostic seculsion. Thank you so much for what you have been to me? A friend, through my darkest hours. Thank you. Song, I think the novel is the most beautiful thing I have ever done. It isn’t my ego saying that? But the littlest part of me? I have never been prouder of anything in my whole life than what I managed to pull off in that book. xxoo! chap 16 up today, hopefully error free — dratted typos! Second pass — but punctuation? OMG. Needs EDITOR on that…….and I have the best one on earth in Joseph.


  2. You want to see me in Fbook because you don’t want to lose me. You won’t. I don’t fit your mold but love is love true Bonnaire. My little dog died 2 hours ago. I am LaEsmeralda. La Esmeralda . See. I am crying for my dog. I was him til the end. Strength. No. Oh mt heart.
    I am digging the ground. For my little dog.


    1. Oh Song I’m so sorry. So sorry. I know just how it is. I’m so sorry. Please take care of yourself. All of my animals are buried here, like that except the dogs who are in the mountains. The cats are here.


  3. You see. That little dog. Well he was bright. To me. And I am thinking very dark thoughts. And I asked the neighbors to help me bury him.


  4. And I was with him. He had spirit. But I don’t have spirit. Anymore. Wounded. And no one really. Now. I can’t tell you what is on my mind.
    But ICANN say . I thank yoiu.


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