one cure for depression is beauty…

So, try and manage it even on a small scale like getting flowers and trying to eat.  Something that you like, like toast with apple butter in the fall.  This was really good, from Trader Joe’s Honey Apple Butter and their Tuscan Pane bread.  Also, the beautiful glads are from them as well — they are towering about 3 feet high, and luckily today I got to speak with my brother.  I’m so glad I did.  This last decade has been so silent and terrible.  Anyway, it is lifting now.  I am making it lift.

This depression is related to many things, but mostly the passings in the last decade, of my mother, my career plans, my job at the newspaper — like I was erased off a chalkboard sort of.  Very hard to lose identity.  I’m not the only one in America who has?  I’m not.

Try and do something for yourself that has some color attached to it, even if it is small.

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