Nanowrimo/24 Happy Thanksgiving! & is this ever shaping up to be a morality tale @ 38,530 words…

Exhaustion. Was up at one.  Morality tales are the forte of Capricorns.


am at point that I am now updating word count very often in Nanowrimo this time around, just to see the numbers move — frankly this is a riff on many things and I wonder what this whole thing is even going to say when I go back — so tired, anyway, going to have to see about Thanksgiving at some point soon, going to a restaurant for that this year, alone.  Taking my dog to the beach too, later… (very tired) writing wise but happy that I think I am going to be able to finish even in bleary state…

I guess they never saw me as a wife, not any of them.  I was an ornament on an arm with each one.

A wife is something else.  Something cherished for children, to have children, to make a life that is filled with roses and gardens.  Charm on a kite string, picnics in the grass, a lifeline continued.

it truly is a morality tale, geez…

had a 1084 morning today and would like another 2,000 this evening to get really caught up.  needs that!

ugh this pov…. a tuffie!

this is on radio and really fits the mood right now…

laterz…. geez if I can! so tired right now…

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