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ell:1So, I want to talk a little bit about the manifesto — I read half.  Yesterday I wanted to “walk through” the world and see what I saw, out by my first alma mater UCSB because that was so long ago.  1984, to be precise.

Were there parties out on Del Playa?  Yes.

We are in 2014.  So how has the world changed in those 30, count ’em 30 years?

For one thing, THE WEB.  Now, there were tech departments in ’84, but the web wasn’t really “everywhere” until about 1995?  Most people used computers at work in some capacity or another, but it was very difficult to learn them — for many.  These technologies we use now, and kids use now — maybe Steve Jobs envisioned all this?  To me there was always a war between the “creative” Jobs and the “control” Gates.  Two worlds.  In ’84 I used a typewriter in college.  1995 was a Mac Performa and the web was done through something it had or Netscape Nav.  There was no Moz then.

Now everything is elegant and easy.

But back to Elliot.  So, I’m driving around on a day to go shopping and I do, but I try and see through “his eyes” — looking at couples hugging, parents, people… the usual.

I saw this this ad, so I snapped it.  This is part of the cultural surround he also saw.

So, here he is at 15, in this surround — and his fantasy girl is blond.  Well he is surrounded by advertising out in “the real world” and also in the “Hollywood world” he is in.  He’s bouncing between his mother and father at this point — dual worlds — one with “big houses” and one with “not so big houses.”  He has friends (boys) both online and in real world.  “Playdates” that include skateboarding and playing online games with friends.

Bullying is a theme he has going on.  So I wanted to take a look for these kids at a few videos I found.  We’ve established that 9/11 (EMO HEART) is part of this genogram.  But there is something Elliot has also seen, I’m sure.  He mentions in the manifesto that at the Cyber place he goes he sees some “Porn” — okay.  There have been studies done on just how much of that kids saw?  When I began to write in my genre — because I was a narrative therapist — I gave a lot of the stories a “deep read” just like I am now reading that manifesto.  I was pretty shocked at how “heartless” some of the writing was?  For instance never a mention of the word LOVE or even a KISS.

So let’s think about this.  He becomes jealous of all these other couples he sees.  But I’m thinking… well, he just wanted a girlfriend.  Now he didn’t know HOW to even really talk to a girl?  Not in real life.  So let’s suppose he had looked and looked at all he could have looked at that was available in the web.  Well, it would have been damn scary.  I think so.

In this GENOGRAM? 1991—————————————————————–2014

We have a generation who has had total access to the entire web?  Really.  My sense is he was looking for a girlfriend, to have as a girlfriend.  When I say this, and I have not gotten to the end of the manifesto yet, only half, what he has written makes me believe that.

So he has a diagnosis of Aspergers — very early.  It turns out that, lots of people have been diagnosed with that?  In fact there are even “Aspie Clubs” — so let me show you a boy talking about that.

Now we will look at a girl…

I’m already hearing a word here — “NEUROTYPICALS”

So this diagnosis is 60 years old and I want to show you something about the DSM?  Which is the manual for making diagnoses.  It’s not really that old either.  And then I will show you one of my professors from Pacifica speaking.  His name is Lionel and you can hear that here at this link.  Depth Psychology is Humanistic Psychology — our cure is a talking cure that comes out of Freudian and or Jungian training along with Object Relations.  Object relations looks at early childhood via Winnicott, and Family Systems Theory.  This is not a pill-based CURE.  When I think about all the ART in those EMO HEARTS — there is much I have looked at, and you can too.  Please Google these things as ART.  Emo heart, emo cutting, emo guns, emo boy and emo girl.  I’m seeing emo, meaning “having feelings.”

What I am wondering is did a rash of this diagnosis happen post 9/11 in the kids?  Because the clubs, and the term “Aspies.”

So anyway, I am looking at some of the vids kids are making using animation to look into the world they are in.  Let me get a couple that deal with bullying, and also the “darkness” in part of their worlds.  We looked at the fact that the art is only mostly in three colors the other day.  What Jung would say about these colors is that red represents the “body.”  I’m thinking it’s also about SILENCE and cognition.  One of these animations is so striking to me, because watch the thought bubbles in it?

Let me show you Lionel in a youtube, talking about what therapy is, from the field I was trained in.

But first this one — I loved this.  Because this shows what it feels like to live half in and half out of the web for these kids.  Given the generation they are in.

So here is Lionel on “therapy”

I can’t link to the school I see, but that is okay.  Click through to me on FB and you will see all of my credentials — using “”

Best to you,


MA ’98 from Pacifica.  They know me by my face, for sure….

So anyway this is for, at WordPress.   For several years I began to think out a treatment plan for in the web, but I would have to Patent that and I don’t know how?  I think it should be based in WordPress “opensource.”  Because, people use a false self as their avatars in the web?  So it is SAFE if they used art and narrative.  Also we are all totally safe in WP!  Because we can all see each other behind the scenes with who is searching for what?

More thoughts on this tomorrow!

Here is the history of the DSM.

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